Jeff Wisnom - Music Live Performance

Take a Chance

by Jeff Wisnom

Released 2017
Released 2017
Jeff is excited about his first album. Jeff's deep voice and acoustic guitar shares the experiences described in the songs. Co-written with David A. Pritchett. Produced by Eddie "C" Conard ( Released by Mutaze Records (

This Album was not created and produced by the Artist alone.
Several individuals helped in the creation of this album. These individuals were (in no specific order):

Musicians: Jeff Wisnom - lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals (all songs); Eddie Conard - drums, percussion, keyboards, bass, backing vocals ("Stolen Moments of Time")

Guest Musicians: Marty Townsend - guitar & bass ("I need a Little Elvis"); Frans Van Aken - guitar & bass ("I Wanna Live")

Recorded and mixed …
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