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May 2019 with Just-Jeff 

I am seeing all the signs of early summer around me. The sun is shining today and it feels great!  This month, I am excited to share with you a song teaser from my new Covers Album. ;-) You can read more about the Covers CD below. Next gigs: I will singing with my "other band" the Manneken Pistols on 25 May 2019 at the Time Out bar in Brussels. The music starts at 8pm (20h00).  The address for Time Out is: Rue Auguste Orts 32, 1000 Bruxelles. For more information on upcoming shows, click here.

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April with Just-Jeff 

Happy spring!  I see signs of spring around me and I think it is safe to say winter is almost over. This weekend was a bit cold and the sun stuck its head out a little bit, but I think the worst is over. I am excited to share with you a new song, out this month. You can read more about it below. Next gigs: I will singing 5 or 6 songs with my "other band" the Manneken Pistols on 4 May 2019 at TIME OUT Pub in Brussels. The music starts at 9pm (21h00).  The address for TIME OUT is: Rue Auguste Orts …Read more

December with Jeff (Just-Jeff) 

Happy Holidays!  I really enjoy living in Belgium this time of year and watching all the preparations for Christmas. Because I’m from California, the Christmas customs here in Europe are very familiar to me.  But just different enough to make each Christmas market or local decoration or celebration exciting. Here in Brussels there is even the mix of cultures from Africa, North America, and the near east to add more color to celebrations.  I wish you a great month and much fun visiting the Christmas…

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June with Just-Jeff 


Summer has arrived! This weekend I am driving to the Beach. I love the Beach in summer. It brings back great memories and makes me want to make more memories. The surf, the sand and everyone out enjoying the summer always puts a smile on my face.  Besides, I come from California, so what did you expect? ;-)  I want to wish you a great month and a great summer.  If you are heading to the beach, have fun!  

Jeff :-)

February with Just-Jeff 

Well!  It sure can get cold here in Belgium. I was expecting a cold winter this year, so I am not too surprised by the cold weather. Right now, planning an escape to warmer weather is not an option for me, but someday … Anyway, I want to wish you a great month and let’s try to enjoy the winter weather, at least we have Carnival! 

Voyage of Discovery: As I mentioned last month, I am on a musical “Voyage of Discovery” and I invite you to “come along” with me.  I am constantly amazed how little I know about…

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Happy New Year :-) 

Hello and Best Wishes for your 2018 :-)

I know this time of year gets very busy. After the Christmas holiday, the start to the New Year tends to rush the first few weeks at work, home and school for all of us. But, I hope you can manage to find a few minutes just for yourself to think about what you want from this year and just enjoy this period. When possible, I try to use this time to prepare for the fun to come in the spring and summer.


Voyage of Discovery: For the last couple of months, I have been…

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